Mika Hall

Teepees or Castles

The last Christmas I had with my dad, he gave my kids a racist gift: a teepee. I hated this present. I told my dad how insensitive and inappropriate it was, I hid it from my kids, very nearly throwing it away; but when my dad died, I couldn’t bear it.…

A Leading Expert on Absolute and Total Ignorance

I worry sometimes that blogging implies that I have something to say or that I know something. Because today (it is, mind you an extremely hot day) I feel that I know next to nothing. Recently, I read in a book how a character described himself as “the world’s leading expert on absolute and total ignorance.”…


I turned 33 last week. It’s been an oddly difficult one for my head to wrap around so I wrote a poem/stream-of-consciousness to help me out.

When I was 20, I had a 33 year old boyfriend. I used to always tease him about being as old as Jesus.…


We went to Salt Lake last week. While there we took multiple drives up the canyon to enjoy the changing seasons (something you don’t really get in California, land of eternal summer). It was so amazing we stopped to take pictures to remember the beauty and joy:

All those changing leaves and cooler temperatures had me wanting to allow a change in myself, spiritually and creatively.…

Wikipedia Rabbit Hole: Self Actualization

At some point or another we’ve all had to learn about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, right? To refresh your memory:


Tonight, I’ve gone down a Maslow rabbit hole, and I’m coming up feeling enlightened.



(Not that ↑ Enlightened, although it’s a great show, I recommend it a lot).…

No Way (San) Jose

I live in one of the most expensive areas in the country. It’s a struggle to live here, especially on a single income. If I told you how much we are making, you’d probably say (depending on where you live) “Why would that be a struggle?”