Mom Tastes


Scenario 1: A man goes to a doctor and complains that he has lost all sensation of taste.  When he eats, he only senses textures and density.  “It’s like eating cardboard.”

Scenario 2: A man complains to a doctor about a phantom taste he has each time he consumes food.  …

A Second Halloween Post: My Love for Horror(ible) Books

Every Thursday was library day at Orchard Elementary School. I would make my way in a quiet line with the other students where the librarian would start off our hour visit by putting on a VHS of Reading Rainbow. Lavar Burton would fill our heads with the wonderful places books can take us and then when the video was over it was time to roam the shelves for the book we wanted most that week The tightly crammed wooden shelves of dreams and adventures and endless pleasures were a wonder to explore.…

Birthdays: A Lame Scam?

Ron Swanson

(This is why I only make birthday cards from scratch)

My last birthday party was my 16th when I had my friends dress up “fancy” (yep, that was on the invitation) to eat pizza at my house.  It was so lame I decided, never again.…

Disneyland 2014

19 years have passed since I last visited Disneyland, but I decided to try it out again as an adult and was not disappointed.  I especially loved:

  • The cream cheese filled pretzels (GENIUS! Why is every pretzel place not doing this?


Have you seen this trailer?

I’m amazed at how awful this looks, especially since Adam Sandler’s movies always look like they were written by a class of middle school students who hate each other.  Yet somehow, Blended manages to look bad AND plagiarized, like its plot was taken from combining The Brady Bunch with The Simpsons in Africa episode.  

iPhone Notepad Thoughts

I keep a lot of notes on my phone. As I was going through these annotations of my most random thoughts, I thought I’d share some of the best ones with you (with bonus pictures from the internetz!)

From September 16, 2013:

My top five favorite words: