Parenting in a Pandemic

I have three small children, a 5 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old. Quarantine means to us: No parks, no disneyland, no beach, no outlet for their rambunctiousness. In that spirit and feeling inspired by one of my favorite graphic design artist’s Annie Atkins covid-19 posters, I made my own set of propaganda posters for Parenting in a Pandemic. Enjoy!

This is a phrase I keep repeating to myself as I see other parent’s on IG being super parents.
Sometimes screens are the only way I get anything done.
I have to say since going into quarantine, we haven’t had a cold yet. Turns out our kids were the ones constantly bringing germs and viruses into our lives because they’re cesspools of filth.
The first week of quarantine I was very stressed and so I buzzed my son’s hair off. His terrible haircut helped me push through the random desires I get to cut my bangs.
I see this phrase a lot in regards to people working minimum wage jobs to ensure that people have food, or gas, or diapers.
But it’s also true to parents, we’re all hostages to our dictator children and we receive no monetary incentive for watching them eat an entire box of chips ahoy cookies in one sitting.