Five New Favorite Podcasts

I’m addicted to podcasts. I find myself adding about one a week to my already long list of mandatory listenings. Here’s my top five favorite ATM:

1. Modern Love

(First aside of many, any podcast using the name of a famous David Bowie song is always going to be a Mika favorite.) I liked the NY Times Modern Love column, but I love the podcast even more. It features famous people reading past editions from the Times famous column. It’s a must hear for anyone who has ever been in love, hate, or in between.

Favorite episode so far: episode 3 “Open Adoption: Not So Simple Math”

2. Criminal

I’m a true crime fanatic. Serial made me realize just how much the medium of podcast suits the genre, and criminal is one that covers all the sides of crime.

Favorite episode so far: episode 25 “The Portrait”

3. Louder Than Words

I prefer structured podcasts to non-linear, conversational podcasts. This falls somewhere in between. John Bonini interviews different creatives in different fields about their creative processes. This podcast always leaves me feeling inspired to try harder to create.

Favorite episode so far: episode 20 “Seth Godin”

4. Surprisingly Awesome

The premise for this show is simple: take things that are otherwise boring and find the most interesting aspects of those things. Director Adam McKay is one of the hosts, and I’m a big fan of his (Have you all seen The Big Short? My favorite movie of 2015).

Favorite episode so far: episode 3 “Concrete”

5. The Organist

McSweeney’s and KCRW (two fantastic things) teamed up to bring this podcast to life. The podcast is about as diverse as McSweeney’s, making each episode feel like a brand new podcast.

Favorite episode so far: episode 42: “The Oracle”