Hall Ways

We went to dinner the other night to one of those places where the music is too loud for conversation and the TVs are blaring different sporting events on every wall. As we tried and failed to have a decent conversation, the song “Taking it to the Streets” came on with the volume at an 11.


Both Matt and I were digging the song and simultaneously asked Siri to identify the band.

SIRI: The Doobie Brothers

MATT AND MIKA: Ahhh yes! Of Course, Siri! Thank you!

(Isn’t Siri the best sometimes?)

I screamed at Matt, who sat across the table big enough for a football team on one of the many screens to sit around, how this would be the ideal song to play over the opening credits of a 70’s family sitcom.

The next thing I knew I was turning the song up to an 11 on the opening credits of our new fake show “Hall Ways” (see below and enjoy!)