Birthdays: A Lame Scam?

Ron Swanson

(This is why I only make birthday cards from scratch)

My last birthday party was my 16th when I had my friends dress up “fancy” (yep, that was on the invitation) to eat pizza at my house.  It was so lame I decided, never again. I’ve always been too aware of my own lameness.  Here’s another example of me being grossly self-aware:

Interior Scene: Freshman Dorm Room.  Two girls, Mika and Bethany, lay on their beds.

Bethany: There’s a tall club on campus, you should join.
Mika: Nah. That sounds super lame.

End Scene.

As much as I’m aware of my own lameness and how bringing people together to celebrate my birth is uber lame, I’m crazy about celebrating the births of the people I love.  And with Matt’s 29th birthday last week, of course I did something really great because I hit the jackpot with his stellar husbandness and he deserved it.  It was a fantastic day filled with popcorn, candy apples, mini golf, sunset watching on Santa Cruz wharf, neapolitan pizza, paintings and presents.

I also contacted some of his friends and family to send me videos so I could edit them together to make one big old birthday message, especially nice since we’re now living pretty far from most of these peeps.