Disneyland 2014

19 years have passed since I last visited Disneyland, but I decided to try it out again as an adult and was not disappointed.  I especially loved:

  • The cream cheese filled pretzels (GENIUS! Why is every pretzel place not doing this? Does Disneyland have a copyright on this?)
  • California Adventures (I’ve always not liked Disneyland because I’m a roller coaster snob and didn’t think there was enough thrill rides to warrant the price, but California Adventures had some great rides.)
  • Matt’s overwhelming knowledge of all things Disney.  He definitely grew up in SoCal and I think he got tired of me saying, “My family always preferred to go to Maui instead of Disneyland.”) (BTW: I’m so exited to introduce him to Maui in November.)
  • The Tower of Terror (I’m a HUGE Rod Serling fan, so obviously I loved this one so much).

I compiled this video to commemorate the fun two day adventure in the most magical place on earth.