Because They’re Hungry…

I’ve always had a weird thing for Will Forte. Today I rediscovered the skit where my feelings for this odd looking character actor first began to blossom: “Potato Chips” (or maybe it’s the Tim Calhoun skits, but lets focus on potato chips).

“Potato Chips” is a genius bit of work.  To keep going with the ludicrous concept as an actor and play it straight as an arrow (even as they are veering off the cliff of sanity) is remarkable on its own.  The sketch itself, featuring an Orville Redenbaucher type seemingly applying to be an astronaut, nearly outshines the fact that it’s a simple story about the wrongs of theft and the danger of lies.  When someone asks you to not take a potato chip, it’s best to follow that simple instruction, or your dreams could be threatened.  But that’s not it, it’s also a story of redemption, and of a potato chip finding its way home.

The best part of this skit is, you might think it’s awful. Maybe a sketch featuring potato chips, an oddly uncomplicated astronaut training test, wood paneling, bad wigs/facial hair, an allegory based off one of the Ten Commandments, and an odd closing shot isn’t your thing.  So play the video, run the gauntlet, and let me know if I’m wrong about this skit being perfect.