Have you seen this trailer?

I’m amazed at how awful this looks, especially since Adam Sandler’s movies always look like they were written by a class of middle school students who hate each other.  Yet somehow, Blended manages to look bad AND plagiarized, like its plot was taken from combining The Brady Bunch with The Simpsons in Africa episode.  

Here’s some of the questions I have from the trailer: Should we really keep making movies suggesting that two people, who don’t like each other, can fall in love if they just spend enough time together?  What happened to Adam Sandler actually being funny? (see clip:

  Is there someone looking forward to this movie release? And the most obvious question of all: How did this get made?

Which leads me to the point of this post: my new favorite podcast: Listen, laugh, love, enjoy.  It’s four comedians and a guest tearing apart terrible movies. 

The End.