iPhone Notepad Thoughts

I keep a lot of notes on my phone. As I was going through these annotations of my most random thoughts, I thought I’d share some of the best ones with you (with bonus pictures from the internetz!)

From September 16, 2013:

My top five favorite words:

1. Epitaph

2. Harbinger (wow a Google image search of harbinger brings up many strange images)

3. Malarkey (also, one of Joe Biden’s favorite words)

4. Optimum

5. Jeopardy

From April 7, 2013

Places I want to make out

  • Back of a cab
  • Louvre Museum
  • On a beach in Hawaii
  • On a balcony/rooftop overlooking New York City at night

From February 13, 2013

Is it too late for me to move to Hollywood, try to make it as an actress, fail, have a daughter, force my dreams on her, and make her go into acting at an unreasonable age?

From January 12, 2013

I get so nervous each time they reveal the mystery ingredients in the chopped basket…is that a normal reaction?

From January 11, 2013

(NOTE: This is the opening lines from my children’s book idea about a bird who wants to be a shoe designer.)

A tiny bird from New York City had dreams that filled the sky.

They all began on a cold, grey day when resting on the 7th Avenue curb.

A taxi pulled up, the car door opened, and a beautiful black heel the bird spied.

“Aha!” he exclaimed (although it sounded more like “tweet!”)…..To be continued…

From December 18, 2012

A genius Tumblr idea.  It will be images of scrabble boards/games as found in film.  The Kids are Alright  has two shots of scrabble boards. Rosemary’s Baby has one shot of a scrabble letters.

From October 26, 2012

Songs I have wept to:

Aimee Mann–Save Me

Carole King–Will You Still Love me tomorrow?

Taylor Swift–All to Well

Laura Marling–I Speak Because I can

The Fugees–Killing Me Softly

(This list reveals one truth: women singers have a string attached to my tear ducts.)