Looking Backwards and Forwards

2013 had some great moments

1> I wore TWO wedding dresses.


2>> I read ONE fantastic graphic novel:


3>>> I have TWO brothers to thank for ONE favorite new film:


4>>>> I served on ONE jury duty.

5>>>>> I have ONE new favorite web series: Broadcity


2014 has some great stuff coming up (SPOILERS)

1. Damon Albaran‘s solo album: TBA

2.. St Vincent’s new album: 2/25

3… Kitten Bowl: 2/2 (Also, I’ll be owning one of these lil’ guys very soon)

4…. I might be living anywhere in the world [polldaddy poll=7694575]

5….. I made the cut to join a new book club: 1/7.

The first book is: