Bullying is a Choice

A favorite past time of mine is bullying. I’m really good at it, but now that I’m older, I’m picky about the people I bully.  As a rule, I only push around the strong (eg the popular, the wealthy, the powerful, the healthy, the CEO’s, etc). I never prey on the weak (eg the handicapped, the <enter any religious affiliation>, the young, the miserable, the broken-hearted, etc).

Just a few months ago I thought it’d be funny to dabble in cyber-bullying (a phrase I coined myself).  My sister left her smart phone on the couch and like any good bully I took advantage of this moment.  I quickly accessed her Facebook, put a status on her wall about her “back hair problem” and waited for the high fives and laughs.

But laughing never came.

See, laughs are the only response to bullying that I can handle, and so when my sister began crying hysterically I realized the sad truth: I had preyed on a weakling. I had become an actual bully.

The moral of the story:

Bullying is bad.

People can be both weak and strong.

Words can hurt more than any object which may break a bone (I’m still working on this phrasing).